Angela Groeneveld coaching fo rentrepreneurs and communitites
Angela Groeneveld - Community Builder, Recovery Specialist

Passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and community building, Angela is a vibrant coach and mentor. Her experience working with rural communities, as well as being a successful entrepreneur herself, provides her with strong insight into what it takes to lead.

Angela has an extensive history of running small businesses in rural Alberta and British Columbia and generating results. From the cattle industry, to the fashion industry, to the health & wellness industry, she has firsthand knowledge of the things that can make businesses successful and the obstacles that can get in the way.

As the Renewal Manager for the Town of High River, Angela was instrumental in developing a temporary business park, a first in Canada, which injected new life into the floundering downtown business core, after the 2013 floods. Proof of her success is found in the fact that the Town DID NOT align with the FEMA statistic that 30% – 40% of businesses affected during a disaster would be closed after a year or two. In fact, 80% of the businesses were retained after the flood. As the next 2 years of recovery have evolved Angela has seen continual growth of the commercial and housing market in High River.

Angela’s expertise was also called to action when Fort McMurray experienced the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history. She participated in the Business Recovery Panel and assisted the Economic Development Office for a year after the disaster and was a keynote speaker at a recovery tradeshow. In May 2016 Angela was hired in partnership with EDA (Economic Developers Alberta) and Red Cross to create and implement the Fort McMurray (RMWB) Recovery Hotline. Angela contributed to the creation of the Business and Economic Disaster Recovery Plan that was presented to the Government of Alberta and the RMWB Economic Development Department. This template was later expanded to the RMWB local business stakeholders and adopted by Council. In January 2017 Angela volunteered to participate with a team of EDO’s to conduct an Economic Opportunities Assessment for Fort McMurray.

Angela has experience working with top government federal and provincial Ministers, from the Executive Directors to all levels of administration involved in disaster recovery. Angela has worked in EOC’s in very tense situations and has seen leadership at the highest stress level where true leadership is tested and executed. Angela’s passion for working with communities to recover after disasters is the fuel that drives her to develop innovative renewal programs that help communities rebuild stronger and more resilient than before.

HELLO - My name is Angela!

I am and oldest daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, an aunt, a business owner, a team leader, a volunteer, a farmer/rancher, a public servant and a coach who has gained many attributes over the years. I have a diverse grassroots experience combined with professional training which has created the unique set of skills that I have to share with the world.

My Vision

Imagine a world where everyone stands tall, holds their head high and trusts who they are. Imagine a community or work environment or home where everyone is confident and clear on their existence and no judgment occurs. Imagine success – feel it, live it, dream it and achieve it. My passion is to helps others help themselves to stand tall and achieve their own success.

Why am I so passionate about my work?

It all started from a question that I asked myself in Grade 6. Why was I so tall? Why can’t I have small hands or smaller feet? Why do I crave to be around people and have so many friends and always want a deeper conversation? Why does my heart hurt so easy, and that I feel I have something to offer in every conversation?  Those were some of the questions I always wondered growing up as I compared myself to others. I never asked my parents these questions because I knew in my heart they wouldn’t understand. They couldn’t relate therefore would disregard. The truth was, to them it didn’t matter, I should honour and respect exactly who I am. Asking these questions was the beginning of my passion to acquire deeper meaning and awareness through conversation. My parents were both government workers who loved their careers and had a purpose everyday of their lives. My mother was a confident strong career woman, my father was a rugged uniformed mountain man who raised us girls to be independent. I grew up hearing “Angela walk tall and be strong, you are who you are” almost daily.

That’s how I grew up and that’s how I became who I am today. I love my high heels and cowboy boots and stand around 6ft tall in them. I love to smile, and when I do you get to see my soul, and meet my grand personality. I love people, rural communities, nature, animals and most of all entrepreneurs….This is what ignites my passion.

What I know for sure

I know that my purpose is to help others pause, reflect and bring back awareness within themselves. Kind of like introducing yourself to yourself. Do a personal audit and celebrate the findings as they evolve through the chapters of life. Now take these findings to a larger scale and create the quality of life you dream of in your own community, your home or your work environment. I have an inviting style for connecting individuals, colleagues, residents, and volunteers to help them collaborate to be the best they can be.

I am a genuine, approachable soft-hearted, and kind soul; someone who is not afraid to share her thoughts and encourage others to do the same. I do not believe in any style of dictatorship or that someone is an expert. They are just experienced or trained but that does not necessarily mean their way is the only way.  I believe in listening first and learning from others. Through my unique leadership skills, I will ask questions to create the conversation needed to cultivate the right answers for you as an individual or as an organization.

I promise laughter. I promise love, and most important, I promise growth.
I invite you to connect and walk tall with me through some great conversations.