Angela Groeneveld coaching fo rentrepreneurs and communitites
Angela Groeneveld business resilience and community disaster recovery coach, southern alberta - I am an entrepreneur just like you. I know what it is like to have to adapt to changing circumstances, be creative and look for new ways to be successful. I enjoy challenging the status quo in the quest for greater results.

I am passionate about success – period.  I will challenge your thinking, boldly suggest new ideas and push you to be creative all with the simple goal of increasing your success


I get things done.  Partner with me and we will blend just the right amount of planning, energy and entrepreneurial spirit, and well, things will happen.  There is no ‘wait’ in my vocabulary, let’s go!


I am full of winning ideas and there isn’t an angle of business I haven’t wrestled with and come out on top. Marketing, cash flow, retail strategy, service, staffing – I generate results wherever & whenever they are needed.